AED 0 fees on international transfers!

Send to Nigeria for free with e& money


Campaign Rules:

  1. e& money is offering each eligible customer a free International Money Transfer (“IMT”) during the campaign period. There is no minimum IMT amount in order to benefit from this promotion.
  2. This Campaign is subject to the Campaign Terms which can be accessed here. You must ensure you read these terms before participating in the Campaign.
  3. The Campaign will be active from 1st to 31st May.
  4. There is no limit on the number of international transfers on which you can claim AED 0 fees under this Campaign. This is valid only for transfers to Philippines, Ghana, Bangladesh and Nigeria. For all other countries, there is one free transfer only. 
  5. This Campaign is offered at the sole discretion of e& money and e& money reserves the right to modify or vary the Campaign Rules or the Campaign Terms at any time.
  6. In addition to our other rights stated in the Campaign Terms, if you breach or violate any of the Campaign Terms or Campaign Rules, we have the right to remove you from the Campaign.