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e& money is the only financial super app you'll ever need!

We aim to revolutionise your digital experience through our innovative financial super app marketplace. You will be able to access a series of financial services such as international money transfers, local transfers, merchant payments, bill payments, gifting, and much more, all in the same application.

Digital Financial Services LLC (“e& money”)” is licensed and regulated by the UAE Central Bank to offer stored value facilities and retail payment services.

Discover all the amazing things you can do with e& money!

e& money account

  1. It’s a free wallet with no charges
  2. You can load your account through multiple available options
  3. No minimum balance required

Add money with your Debit Card

  1. Add money instantly to your account with your UAE issued debit card
  2. Just link it and load money from the comfort of your home

International Money Transfers

  1. Transfer money to over 200 countries quickly and securely with us
  2. You can choose from bank transfers, cash pick up and even wallet transfer

Local Money Transfers

  1. Owe a friend some money? We got you covered. Forget the hassle of bank details, cash withdrawal etc. Just enter their mobile number and enjoy a quick transfer
  2. Need to pay your domestic help? We got you covered here too!

Bill Payments and Top Ups

  1. Pay all your bills such as phone, electricity, etc with just a tap.
  2. Top up for Salik, Nol cards, etc is also available with us


  1. Send your love to your friends and family with our new gifting feature
  2. You can choose from a variety of gift cards as well as cash gift options
    You don’t need an occasion to show your love!


  1. Pay your parking fees with us! We now offer digital parking payment to make your life much easier.
  2. Just select the emirate and enter your vehicle number plate, followed by the duration of your parking.

Domestic Help Transfers

  1. Forget the hassle of withdrawing money every time you need to pay your domestic help
  2. e& money is here to make your life easier. All you need is their mobile number and the transfer is done instantly

Business Accounts

  1. Accept payments for goods/services rendered
  2. Empower your employees to receive cashless payments for delivery services
  3. Send/receive money to and from suppliers or business partners in the UAE
  4. Send money to your bank account

e& money can be used at multiple locations. You can find our extensive list here

Register yourself in just a few quick steps:  

  1. Register your mobile number
  2. Upload your Emirates ID
  3. Take a selfie
  4. Enter your email ID
  5. And lastly, set your PIN!

You can also register yourself with any of our agent partners. 

e& money has a highly secure backend platform that has bank-grade security and is verified and licensed by the Central Bank of the UAE. Access to e& money is via your phone and requires a match between your mobile number and your phone. Any change between the two will require a reactivation of the account before any transaction can be completed.
In addition, e& money requires authentication at every level of the transaction. At registration, you will need to set a PIN to protect your account, following which you can also set up biometric authentication via fingerprint scan and/or even face ID.

All citizens and residents with a valid Emirates ID and mobile number are welcome to register with e& money.

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