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Welcome to Rewards - the loyalty program by e& money! Our loyalty program is designed to provide you with extra value every time you choose e& money. With the loyalty program you'll gain access to a world of exclusive cash rewards and benefits. Earn points for every transaction you make with your e& money card and watch them accumulate over time. These rewards can be redeemed for cashback, in-app purchases and much more. Each cash reward is equivalent to 1 AED.

Rewards are open to all e& money Account holders when carrying out a Qualifying Transaction. Qualifying transaction here are all transactions made with the e& money card.

The following transactions are not Qualifying Transactions and so are not eligible to earn Rewards:

  1. Adding funds to, and withdrawing funds from, your Account (by any method)
  2. Transferring funds to another account based in or outside of the UAE
  3. Transactions for prohibited goods or services, such as gambling, alcohol or other transactions as notified to you from time to time. Other transactions as we may determine in our sole discretion

The following table outlines the percentage of Rewards that can be earned for each card transaction, up to the limit. Once the limit has been reached, no further Rewards will be earned.

Qualifying Transaction

Percentage of transaction value as Reward

Monthly Maximum Limit


e& money card transaction





AED 100

1% cash reward is applicable until 30st April, 2024. 

Rewards can be redeemed in the following ways:

  1. Transfer to wallet as cashback: your Rewards can be converted to AED and transferred to the balance of your Account. You need a minimum of AED 10 in Rewards in order to request Cashback.
  2. Purchasing gift cards: your Rewards can be used in full payment for a gift card or gaming voucher via the App.

In addition to the above, the following limits apply to the redemption of the Rewards you have earned:


Redemption Method

Minimum for Redemption

Daily Maximum Limit

Monthly Maximum Limit


Transfer to wallet as cashback


AED 10


AED 100


AED 250


Gift Card or Gaming Voucher



1 voucher


2 vouchers


6 vouchers

To view all the terms and conditions, click here

Loyalty is offered at sole discretion of e& money and e& money reserves the right to modify or vary the loyalty and/or these terms and conditions or discontinue the loyalty at any time.

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