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You can purchase a voucher from the 'Gifts & vouchers' section on the homepage. All existing vouchers are visible, along with our gift cards.

e& money is providing wide range of vouchers. You can send cash voucher or you can buy gift vouchers from Amazon UAE, Amazon US, Apple, Carrom Gold, EA Games Origin Apex, EA Play, eBay, Fortnite, FreeFire, Google Play, Google Play UK, Jawaker, League of Legends, Microsoft, Minecraft, Mobile Legends, Nintendo, Playstation Network UAE, Playstation Network US, PUBG, Razer Gold, Roblox, Shahid VIP, Spotify US, Starzplay, Steam, Storytel, Weyyak, Wizard, Xbox

Note: iPhone users can only purchase Amazon vouchers due to Apple's restrictions.

The voucher redemption details are available after the voucher is purchased under "how to use", as well as in the purchase history. You will receive an SMS with the voucher code and its PIN for your reference.

To find details of how to use:

1.       Please go to e& money application

2.       Click ‘Gifts & Vouchers’ under browser services on homepage or Services section

3.       Click the history icon on the right corner

4.       You will be able to see all the vouchers that you bought.

5.       Click the voucher that you would like to review.  In ‘How to use’ section under voucher details, you can see steps for the redemption.

Most vouchers do not expire, but some, like PUBG and FreeFire, have a 12-month expiration period. Check the expiry date in the voucher details before purchasing.

Yes, you can gift or transfer vouchers. Use the share option within the voucher details to send it to someone else. Be aware that once shared, the voucher code and PIN can be redeemed by anyone.

No, e& money does not charge additional fees for purchasing vouchers.

You can buy voucher up to your remaining monthly fund-out limit.  Total fund-out limit (including all money transfer and payment transactions) is AED 25,000.

 The minimum limit of transfer the point to cash back is AED 10
 The minimum limit of redeem the points to Gift Card or Gaming Voucher is 1 voucher
The limit of transfer the point to cash back is AED100 daily and AED 250 monthly
The limit of transfer the point to Gifting/Gaming is 2 vouchers daily or 6 vouchers monthly

There are no restrictions; you can send any gift available in the e& money app.

Yes, you can send vouchers to any UAE mobile number. The recipient does not need an e& money account to redeem a voucher. For cash gifts, the recipient must register and complete the e& money verification process within 7 days to receive the funds.

If the recipient does not register within 7 days, the funds will be returned to your e& money account, and you will be notified.

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